April 16, 2018


Members present: David Holwager, Darren Klein, Tom Munchel, Teresa Drake, Debbie Magiera, Janet Sweet, and Amy Engle. Also attending: Barb Ringwald and Father John Hall. Absent: Dan Sweet, Wayne Hokey and Debbie Weiss,


Opening prayer was led by Father John Hall.

The meeting was presided over by Amy Engle


Teresa Drake had a correction to the minutes, she did hear from Henny Penny and they do not do commercial refrigeration. Teresa Drake made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected from the March 19, 2018 meeting with Debbie Magiera seconding. Motion passed.


Darren Klein reviewed the Finance Reports for March, the First Bank Checking account and the Stipend Account were reconciled. Darren shared that the Finance Committee had a discussion of the upcoming budget and goals as a work in progress and should have history of some costs for a better budget for 2018-2019.

Tom Munchel made a motion to accept the Finance Report with David Holwager seconding. Motion passed.





        Volunteer Safe & Sacred policy on hold currently, not as extensive as first proposed.


        Parking lot lights -

Jon Turpin gave a quote of $790 to install two led 150 watt dusk to dawn lights in the north parking lot and $350 wall packs on the east and west sides of the church. Tom Munchel made a motion with Darren Klein seconding to purchase lights. Motion passed.

Barb Ringwald will contact Jon Turpin about possibly painting the light posts as corrosion is evident.


        Chair and holder purchase

Barb Ringwald was able to purchase better chairs at a lower cost through the Archdiocese. They arrived today, April 16.


        Hosta planting and parish grounds work day May 4 at 3:30 p.m.

70 Hosta plants. Barb Ringwald to do a one call for volunteers on May 4.


        UCA update Archdiocese: $6.12 million from 17,796 donors. They are currently at 94% of their goal and are at 27% participation. St. Elizabeth of Hungary: we have received $24,320 pledged to the United Catholic appeal which 124% of our goal. We have had 118 parishioners participate which is 56% of our parish. This information will be in the bulletin this weekend.




        Janet Sweet reported that Dave Sweet had a quote to replace the kitchen door with same type of hardware of $5,500.


        Amy Engle reported there were not enough bulletins for a few weeks for the Sunday masses. Barb Ringwald will plan to print 10 to 15 more each week.





        Power washing outside of building stained areas and oven vent screens

Barb Ringwald contacted Eric Werking about power washing the outside of the building as there is mold on the brick, clean the oven vent screens and also the gutters. Eric Werking quoted $125 for the work. David Holwager moved to have the cleaning done and Teresa Drake seconded. Motion Passed.


        Gearing up for mowing season mowers and weed whip -

Barb Ringwald got a call from John Linginfelter that the riding mower was serviced. Wayne Hokey will look at the push mower for service. Tom Munchel said weed trimmer was hard to start and Wayne Hokey could purchase a battery operated trimmer with charger from A-T & I Service for $456. Teresa Drake maid a motion with Tom Munchel seconding to purchase the trimmer and charger. Motion passed.


        Explanatory Mass

The Mass will take place June 4 at 5:30 p.m. at St. Elizabeth of Hungary





        David Holwager commented that the cement bench on the east side of the church is cracked and needs to be looked at.


        Tom Munchel noted the railings at the front of the church are not stationary and more importantly are not safe. The two railing need to be moved out around 3 to 4 feet and permanently attached. Tom Munchel suggested he, Mike Munchel and Wayne Hokey will look at attaching the railings.


        Barb and Charlie Ringwald are working on the stove/oven maintenance (replacing batteries and igniter switch, etc.).


        Father John Hall stated the by-laws of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish Council have not changed. The current membership still stands. We will be working on revising by-laws with final draft during the year of 2018-2019.

Barb Ringwald will email a copy of the constitution (as revised in 2015) to council members.


        Father John has written procedures to follow if the priest is not able to make it to mass on the week-end and these procedures will be posted in the church.

        Amy Engle reviewed the upcoming dates:

April 22 - 3 p.m. First Holy Communion Mass for 3- parish sites at St. Elizabeth

May 4 Hosta planting and parish grounds work day 3 p.m.

May 6 1/2 Center reserved - Baby shower

June 9 - Blood Drive at St. Elizabeth

June 23 - Atkinson Wedding at 2 p.m.



Date of next Parish Council Meeting May 21, 2018


David Holwager made a motion with Teresa Drake seconding to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.


Closing Prayer was led by Father John Hall.