March 19, 2018


Members present: Darren Klein, Tom Munchel, Debbie Weiss, Debbie Magiera, Janet Sweet, Dan Sweet, and Amy Engle. Also attending: Barb Ringwald and Father John Hall. Absent: David Holwager, Teresa Drake, and Wayne Hokey


Opening prayer was led by Father John Hall.

The meeting was presided over by Dan Sweet.


Debbie Weiss made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding that the minutes from the February 19, 2018 meeting be accepted. Motion passed.


Darren Klein reviewed the Finance Reports for February and the statements were reconciled. Darren shared that the Finance Committee discussed balancing income and expenses when reviewing the Profit Loss Budget vs. Actual. Amy Engle had a question about the investment performance period and it was discussed that it was a quarterly amount earned. Debbie Weiss made a motion to accept the Finance Report with Debbie Magiera seconding. Motion passed.





        Parish Center Kitchen Renovation Proposals-

Barb Ringwald had an update from Teresa Drake for Davis Cabinet design estimate of $9,500. Electrical updates from John Turpin estimated at $1,250.

Teresa Drake did not hear back from Henny Penny concerning a commercial refrigerator/freezer.

Barb Ringwald reported:

Some prices from Koons Home Center on industrial Frigidaire, 3 styles/sizes. One style could be either a freezer or refrigerator. Estimate around $2,400 to $3,000. Kitchen renovation estimate for budget could be around $13,400.

Shelves are out in the storage room, painting would be all that is needed.

Dungan Plumbing & Heating cleaned out the hot water heater, with 60-gallon tank, Dungan said it should be sufficient. But feedback from a parishioner, (after the clean out of the water heater) the water was warm.



        Energy Audit from Duke and Lighting change recommendations

March 19 last date for acceptance. Barb Ringwald said a suggestion was to change out lights when needed or in sections. Barb will get a quote from John Turpin for replacing the dusk to dawn lights in the parking lot now as one bulb is out.


        Landscaping for Parish Grounds

Barb Ringwald had an update from David Holwager that 70 multi-variety Hostas were ordered from Lincoln High School Ag Department at $6.00 each. 30 plants could be planted around the statute and the other Hostas planted around the storage barn. Randy Buhl could work with volunteers to plant.


        Volunteers for Sunday Morning Ministries

Still needing volunteers for Sunday morning and requesting that ushers ask parishioners to bring up the gifts.


        Other Old Business

A quote was presented from office 360 for chairs and storage cart. 84 chairs around $2,000 and storage cart $300. Barb plans to get another quote for any vendor discounts through the Archdiocese contact Steve James.





        Safe and Sacred Child Protection

Archbishop Charles' request for Safe & Sacred training and background checks to volunteers

The policy effective July 1, 2018 that all volunteers must complete Safe and Sacred training and a background check every 3 years. Group training offered from the Archdiocese on how to recognize and report behaviors that may cause harm; through awareness of behaviors, visiting the homebound, more volunteers to observe.


        Coat rack in hallway

Tom and Mike Munchel donated material and time to make wall coat racks for the center.



Barb Ringwald stated that she had dropped the bulletin order from 200 to 150. There are still left-over bulletins so she will print 135 and monitor.


        Contribution envelopes

We have the option to separate the second collection envelopes from the individual boxes and have those envelopes available in pews for the second collection. It could save around $100 in the envelope costs. A discussion was held and no change will be made.

        Maintenance issues to be aware of

Sign in front of the church (on the church) needs repair and updated. Barb Ringwald will check with McPrinting on an estimate.

South ceiling fan in the church needs maintenance and Barb will have John Turpin look at it.

East side of church front door, inside needs to be looked at. Barb is working towards scheduling a meeting in May with Buildings and Grounds walk through teams to make sure all are doing the same thing.

Organ has been tuned and needs some parts replaced, further research is needed. Putting money aside for repairs was suggested.





        Debbie Weiss had some concerns from a parishioner about the 8:00 a.m. Mass time. The parishioner was concerned that we are losing membership because of the time change and concerned that our Church might close. It was discussed that more parishioners are going to the Saturday evening mass now rather than Sunday morning and also going to area masses at New Castle, Knightstown, Richmond or Connersville. Unfortunately, we are losing youth to sport functions on Sundays and it is happening to all churches, not just ours.



        Upcoming Dates:

April 7 - Blood Drive at St. Elizabeth

April 22 - 3 p.m. First Holy Communion Mass for 3- parish sites at St. Elizabeth

May 6 1/2 Center reserved - Baby shower

June 9 - Blood Drive at St. Elizabeth

June 23 - Atkinson Wedding at 2 p.m.



Date of next Parish Council Meeting April 16, 2018


Tom Munchel made a motion with Darren Klein seconding to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.


Closing Prayer was led by Father John Hall.