July 2, 2018



Members present: Wayne Hokey, Darren Klein, Tom Munchel, Teresa Drake, Debbie Weiss, Janet Sweet, and Dan Sweet.Also attending:Barb Ringwald and Father John Hall.Absent: Amy Engle, David Holwager and Debbie Magiera


Opening prayer was led by Father John Hall.

The meeting was presided over by Dan Sweet


Debbie Weiss made a motion to accept the minutes from the May 21, 2018 meeting with Teresa Drake seconding.Motion passed.


Darren Klein stated there was nothing to report from the Finance Committee as those meetings are quarterly and the next meeting wonít be until August.





        Discussion was held about Davis Cabinet & Design for cabinets, pantry and installation quote of $9,470.That is $440 more than the old quote with some adjustments.It will take 4 to 6 weeks for the order to come in.


        Koons Home Center has two Frigidaire refrigerators (can be switched to a freezer when needed) for $1,139 per unit, total of $2,278, a price decrease.Barb Ringwald will order.


        Jon Turpin will cut out for the electrical boxes and put outlets in the cabinets in the kitchen for $1,250.


        A discussion was held about the kitchen sink.Barb Ringwald will talk with Dunganís about a price of the sink and faucets and also will have Dunganís cap off (not needed) water supply located in the bottom of one of the cabinets.


        The hot water heater wonít keep up when needed.Barb will contact Dunganís to look at the cost, as this expense is not in the project cost, asking what they would recommend, gas high efficiency water heater or larger instant on hot water heater.


        Father John H. Luerman Scholarship disbursement to the three recipients was $920 per student.A thank you card from Chase Hokey was presented and another was forwarded to Father Luerman.


        Dan Sweet will get a quote on sealing the back parking lot.Re-striping of all the parking areas is needed.


        The Nomination Committee will be Teresa Drake and Debbie Weiss for the upcoming election.Both Amy Engleís and Darren Kleinís term will be over this year.Parish Council terms are three years.Father John Hall stated there would be nine voting Parish Council members and also attending the meetings would be a member from the Finance Council and someone to represent maintenance.


        First Bank will be able to work with St. Elizabeth in making online contributions for collections.Barb Ringwald is working with Debbie Prather from First Bank to provide electronic contribution services to parishioners.St. Anne Church offers online contributions for their parishioners.






        An estimate to replace failing key contacts on the organ from D.C. Schroth Organ Builders is $3,867, quote good for six months.A motion to repair the key contacts was made by Debbie Weiss with Wayne Hokey seconding.Motion passed.The Finance Committee determine what account invoice will be paid from.


        Reminder that Canal Days is approaching September 8th and 9th.†† Comments of a schedule for workers and tents are needed.


        Sunday morning organist, Laura Krell has resigned.She has an opportunity with a Catholic Church in Indianapolis.Karen Sweet is talking with possible organists she might fill this position.


        Rectory west side bell needs attention and might need batteries.The dehumidifier in the basement needs to be repaired or replaced.Tom Munchel will check out the dehumidifier.



Father John Hall

Father provided each council member with a notebook and pen.Council members thanked Father John and they were very much appreciated.

Father shared that in six years there are 6 to 8 to be ordained and 27 Priests that could retire.The retirement age is 70 by June 30 of that year.

Shortage all over civilized world.



        Upcoming Dates:

August 4††††††††††††† Blood Drive 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

August 6††††††††††††† Finance Committee meeting at 6:30 p.m.

August 25††††††††††† Parish Center reserved - 1/2

August 26††††††††††† Tri-Church Picnic - noon Mass at St. Rose.Looking for volunteers. It was recommended††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† that table and chairs be rented this year.

August 27††††††††††† Daughters of Isabella pitch in meal in the parish Center after 5 p.m. Mass

September 8 & 9 Mission visit from Diocese of Ikot Ekppene - Mission Priest



Date of next Parish Council Meeting Ė August 20, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.


Closing Prayer was led by Father John Hall.